Short Term
– Astra template not compatible with IE 11 or Edge
Possible fix:
– Agree to discard current PDF meeting format from website or move forward with auto generated PDF.
Will have to contact BMLT developers (Minnesota ?). I have contact information.
– Update Convention committee phone links:
– Agree on document management solution. Currently WP-DownloadManager
– Embed/Frame JTF Page –
– Verify DASCNA meeting are being updated in NAWS database

Long Term
– Auto Generate DASCNA Meeting Schedule similar to NA Ohio State Schedule
Example of Current State Meeting Schedule:
– more responsive-mobile-website-template
Examples: (Photography, Perfect Business

– Newsletter: Newsletter (free or $45 a year)
SumoMe (Free or $10-plus a month)
Icegram (Free)
Plugmatter Optin Feature Box (Free or $67-plus)


Hi, Steve.
I fixed the links and embedded the JFT.  None of it was really a problem — except:
1. The schedule is accurate, but it has red text. (I haven’t received a .pdf that doesn’t have red text.)
2. The JFT is black text on a blue background. If you know how we can change that, please let me know.
At times, I wish I could create and upload pure html pages and upload those to the server (like I did to create websites back in the day). I didn’t know people still use IE and Edge … well.. it’s great on my XBox.
3. As far as auto-generating a (DASCNA) bmlt schedule for download from our site: I don’t think it’s going to be too hard to do.
    a. I have uploaded a plug in called BMLT Meeting List Generator. It is a web based tool which provides the capability to create, maintain and generate a current PDF meeting list via WordPress.

. It will be there when we’re ready to use it.

   b. I’ve requested a DASCNA meeting list directory from

 using the

url.   We’ll know in a few days if we can get on that directory and integrate it with the plug in.